5 Of The Best Adult Homemade Movies

Here at Adult Video Blog, we are huge fans of Adult homemade videos – Although we are also huge fans of glossy porn, you can’t beat watching an amateur on screen, making a movie right from the privacy of her own home. It’s real – That’s the huge appeal for me.

So what makes a great adult homemade video? For me, a great adult home made video must have good picture quality, which is not often found due to either using cheap camera (often times using their phone camera) and good lighting. These 2 obsticles are harder to overcome than you might first think.

And then there’s the beauty of the girls, which is not that hard to find if you already like the girl-next-door look – as I do.

While the wife went shopping this morning, I set myself the challenge to find the best 5 adult homemade movies on the inter-web; Girl next door types with good picture/sound quality. Wanting to be a nice geezer, I have included them here for your pleasure!

5 Of The Best Adult Homemade Movies

1. Sexy Blonde gets seduced and has fun with her toys!

2. A sexy brunette having fun with some veggies!

3. Two amateur lesbians gets naughty and start fisting each other!

4. A hot amature blonde gets down and dirty with her friends Dad!!

5. A super hot blonde alone at home playing with her dildo!

Check back soon for more adult homemade videos!

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