Seeking out Free Adult Video Trailers


PHONESEX 0909 866 5363 – A lot of people, especially men, enjoy watching free adult video trailers. This can be done online at various sites, or even on DVDs of adult films. Since the movie companies are trying to sell these movies, they typically make these trailers rather graphic so the viewer has no doubt about what he (or she) is getting when the movie is purchased.

There are a lot of movie sites online that will allow you to have a peek at the movies their sites offer before you are required to whip out your credit card and register with them. Adult video trailers along with tours of the sites may be provided so that the prospective member will not have any doubts about what the membership fee is buying. Usually, you will be taken through portions of every part of the web sites so that you can see if they match your particular turn ons and fantasies. This is quite helpful in guiding you to the very best adult sites for you.

In the majority of these previews to adult movies, you will find that the scenes are quite sexy and graphic, leaving nothing to the imagination. When you are lucky enough to find these free adult video trailers you may find your favorite scenes and hit rewind over and over again. That’s something that should definitely bring a lascivious grin to your face. These movie trailers can range in time length from a few quick seconds, or a “quickie,” if you will, to the showing of full scenes. Finding those longer versions can keep you busy for hours.

It’s really not that difficult to locate these movie trailers for adult films simply because they are literally available all over the Internet. You can find enough free adult video trailers to compile into one of those “Best of” DVDs if you are so inclined. Everyone has a particular trigger that gets them off every single time, and if you can find enough scenes of YOUR trigger, just imagine how much fun you can have cumming over and over again. The best part is that you haven’t paid out a dime.

The most effective places to start searching for your free movie trailers is through some of the more popular X-rated movie sites online. As you work your way through those, you may also stumble upon some smaller, lesser known sites that have a ton of exciting free adult video trailers to offer you. Don’t forget, though, that these people must make a living, too. So, when you DO find that perfect movie site, consider joining for at least a little while.

How to Make Adult Home Videos

How to Make Adult Home Videos

Making adult home videos can be one of the hottest, sexiest, and fun things anyone can do. There are many couples who toy with the idea of filming themselves having sex, but for whatever reason, they just never get around to it. Other couples do it on a regular basis, figuring that one day their adult children will find these videos and be properly mortified to realize that their parents were, indeed, human. Of course, getting even with your kids is certainly not the ONLY reason to indulge in making a few adult home videos.

If this is something that you have been pondering, don’t wait another minute! All it takes is a video camera and a tripod. Any little props or extras you may want to add are all up to you. If you don’t happen to own a video camera, there are many places that will rent them to you. They don’t ask you WHY you want to rent it. All they are interested in is collecting the money from you and making sure that the camera is returned.

Once you are back at home with your camera and tripod, set the scene. Most couples choose to use their bedrooms with their first adult home videos. This is most likely done because of the simplicity of everything you need already being in one place. For example, your bed is there along with any other “toys” you may use during sex. Set up your tripod. Focus and angle the camera so that it can get clear footage of all the action. Turn it on. Join your partner on the bed.

The rest should be quite easy especially if you simply forget the camera is there. However, knowing in the back of your mind that the camera’s eye is watching can be quite stimulating. You are being a bit exhibitionistic without any REAL person watching you. While making your adult home videos, do whatever it is you normally do when you’re having sex. It’s that simple.

When you have finished your little production, put the camera on rewind so that it can be played back for you. You may want to wait a few minutes before watching, though. Many couples tend to get turned on all over again while watching themselves having sex, and before you know it, you will be making even more adult home movies. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that it’s nothing for a couple to have their own collection of adult home movies only of themselves.

The Great Development of Adult Tube Movies


Not so many years ago, people who love to watch X-rated movies had never heard of anything called adult tube movies. That is no longer true today. These are some of the most popular adult entertainment choices on the Internet. They are easy to make, easy to find, free a lot of the time, and hot as hell!

To begin with, it’s kind of handy to know what a tube movie is. This is basically a “movie” made by Internet users and posted for all to see. There are many different sites where you will find adult tube movies and it’s typically free to watch them. Think of an adult YouTube site and you will have full understanding of what these are.

Now, if you want to get started in making your own tube movies, all it takes is focusing your web camera in the right direction and getting naked. Once you and your partner, if you choose to use one, have started the action you just need to make sure that it’s being filmed correctly. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to fuck and be caught on web cam in a way that is showing clearly what your adult tube movies are about.

The biggest challenge in creating these tube movies is getting a clear copy of it so that its viewers don’t have to squint their eyes and turn their heads in various directions in order to see what’s going on. That just takes all of the fun and sexiness right out of it. When you’re trying to watch a couple fuck on web cam you don’t want to have to GUESS at what they’re doing. You want it to be clear and easy to recognize. If you have to figure out what a cock is on adult tube movies, you are not watching a clear movie.

Another fun thing about these tube movies is that you can make one and send it to your online friends right to their email accounts. They can then save it to their computer and watch it any time they want. If it’s a really good movie, you can bet it will be viewed on many occasions that a little “relaxing” is needed. This can even be a special treat or present for someone who means a lot to you. They will love you for thinking of them in this very particular way and will most likely show you their appreciation.

Amateur Adult Home Videos for Your Pleasure


A very popular phenomenon in the porn industry is the creation of amateur adult home videos. These are just what they sound like: Adult movies made at home by ordinary people just like you. You will find no famous celebrities in these videos. In fact, the people starring in them may not even be all that attractive. However, they are STILL exciting because they are allowing you to have a peek right into their bedrooms. You don’t know these people but they could be your next door neighbors who just happen to have left their curtains open and the lights on while they are having sex. Most likely you won’t even care that these are amateur adult home videos.

These amateur videos can consist of all sorts of scenes. Heterosexual couples, gay couples, transsexuals, and solo sex can all be found in these videos. It really just depends on what sort of mood you’re in at that time you’re searching for one as well as what revs you up. Fetishes of all sorts can also be found.

Most of these types of videos can be found online and a lot of them are available to view for free. Amateur adult home videos can be made simply because it is the fetish of the participants to be watched. They will make sure their videos can be found easily so that others can enjoy watching all the sexy and naughty things that were being done in the video. In some cases, if you have managed to hook up with some people who make their own videos, they will just email them to you for your viewing pleasure.

This is a part of the porn industry that quite possibly started off as something fun and free. As the demand for amateur adult home videos began to rise, it started to become very much a business part of the industry. There are even amateur adult stars now that are quite popular and are sought out actively by viewers.

The real difference in the amateur videos and the slickly produced professional ones is that what you are seeing with the amateurs is REAL. While porn stars will swear that they are getting off in their movies, it’s going to be difficult to really tell for sure with the women, as they have faking orgasms for years. In amateur adult videos, you can be sure that when a woman screams “I’m cumming!” that she really IS.

Some of the Best Adult Video Search Engines


You have had a really difficult day at work or at school, or wherever it is you go during the day, and now you’re ready to enjoy some relaxing, mind blowing adult entertainment. The fastest and easiest way to do that is to settle down in front of your computer and pull up some adult video search engines. By perusing these, you will be enjoying some hot, sexy, X-rated entertainment in no time right at your computer.

While the selection is going to be a huge one, there are a few that are considered to be the top adult video search engines available. These are going to be the first ones that pop up when you start looking around on the Internet. You can save yourself some time by visiting some of the ones listed below: – This is one of THE search engines when it comes to not only adult videos, but all things of the adult nature. Not that it is limited to adult only, but there really is not a lot that you won’t find here. They have adult tubes, live stream/live TV, as well as other adult video search engines on this massive site. All you have to do is pull up what you want, or type in the words that you want, and you will be presented with many selections. – This one is on a bit smaller scale but that only makes it easier to navigate. You will find free adult tube videos, the Napster of dirty porn, and hot amateur sex clips right on the first page. – There is so much to be said about this site. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here. They have everything from Live Cams, Live chat, DVDs, personals, a full section just for tube videos, and even Porn Reviews. This may be the king of adult video search engines.

These are by no means the only available search engines for adult videos but they are definitely 3 of the best ones out there. If you start with any of these, you can bet that you will find just what you need for a bit of relaxation within a few minutes. In fact, your biggest problem may just be trying to decide WHICH page you want to start looking at first. You will be amazed at all of the choices to help you along that turn up.

5 Of The Best Adult Homemade Movies

Here at Adult Video Blog, we are huge fans of Adult homemade videos – Although we are also huge fans of glossy porn, you can’t beat watching an amateur on screen, making a movie right from the privacy of her own home. It’s real – That’s the huge appeal for me.

So what makes a great adult homemade video? For me, a great adult home made video must have good picture quality, which is not often found due to either using cheap camera (often times using their phone camera) and good lighting. These 2 obsticles are harder to overcome than you might first think.

And then there’s the beauty of the girls, which is not that hard to find if you already like the girl-next-door look – as I do.

While the wife went shopping this morning, I set myself the challenge to find the best 5 adult homemade movies on the inter-web; Girl next door types with good picture/sound quality. Wanting to be a nice geezer, I have included them here for your pleasure!

5 Of The Best Adult Homemade Movies

1. Sexy Blonde gets seduced and has fun with her toys!

2. A sexy brunette having fun with some veggies!

3. Two amateur lesbians gets naughty and start fisting each other!

4. A hot amature blonde gets down and dirty with her friends Dad!!

5. A super hot blonde alone at home playing with her dildo!

Check back soon for more adult homemade videos!

Free Asian video adult galleries

Here are 10 free Asian video adult galleries to get your fix of the best free Asian sex videos online! Arn’t we nice? We have to admit, there is something special about watching Asian porn – not sure if it’s the soft silky black hair, the petite figures of the typical Asian girl or just how damn right rude these filthy Asian bitches can be! Maybe a mixture of all 3 :)

This took us a bit of time to organise these free Asian video adult galleries, so we hope you appreciate them! If these are still not enough, you can always check out our sister site: Asian Phone Sex Blog or check out Nina, an Asian Phone Sex Operator based in England – She’s hot!!

6 Free Asian video adult galleries

1. Red Tube has a great selection of Asian video adult galleries to browse through.

2. You Porn has just under 500 Asian porn videos!

3. Porn Hub have around 700 Asian smut videos that will keep yopu going for a while!

4. Altough Upload Porno have only 16 Asian video adult galleries, there are some qaulity vids in there that are worth checking out!

5. Here’s an additional 250 or so asian videos from X tube.

6. VHO has lot’s of amateur asian porn that you are unlickly to see anywhere else.

Have fun!

Hot Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross is without much doubt the finest lady not only to grace your television for your twisted little mind but also ever. With such an angelic face and the body of a goddess, Kayden is always by her perfection. Keeping a somewhat hectic and packed schedule, she switches from doing a usual scene to promoting her new company to blogging for many sites with the precision and speed of a humming bird.

Kayden is here to reveal how working on a contractual basis is important to her, the fact insomnia is part of the job and what films of hers she will personally buy dozens of copies because they’re so good.

Kayden was once a free agent when she was doing test shoots while negotiating a contract. Then she realised she didn’t want to be a free agent no more. Firstly, by being on contract, she will get much better advertising and be able build a solid name for herself. She feels like she’s part of her new company.

She likes that force behind her and the feeling of somebody she can go to who is on her side. They’re nice people. She does not feel like she’s learning as she goes. Though she might be, she just doesn’t feel like she is. Also, she doesn’t want to be constantly shooting scenes. She would rather do the stuff she’s doing now. She can imagine shoots. She would rather be building her own brand than wearing herself out on the set.

Adult Video Star Lauren Vaughn

Lauren Vaughn would fuck Black guys with huge dicks even if they didn’t pay her. She loves ‘giving it up’ and having her body used and abused because she just needs that much sex. Lauren Vaughn didn’t get into porn for the money or the fame. She got in because it opened up a new aspect of her sex life to share with her boyfriend. Add to that she is very well read, is extremely articulate and can not get enough education, she is definitely not your typical porn slut. Lauren Vaughn discusses her fetish for interracial sex, how no guy’s dick is too big for her and why she is disappointed she doesn’t get fucked in the pile driver position more often.

She’s always been a reckless, sexual type of person growing up and she has always been very interested in the alternative and being very open minded and free spirited. It was actually a very easy transition. She did do some online web cam modeling and stripping. When that first came out it was in 1999 or 2000. From that point she just ended up focusing on her school and after a couple of years she ended up entering the swinging lifestyle. She became a swinger as a single female meaning she wasn’t in the lifestyle with a husband or a boyfriend.

She got into it by herself because she had gotten out of a long relationship and she didn’t want to be with anybody but still needed to have a lot of sex. It was a good way for her to get in touch with other people who were also very sexual and very open about things being no strings attached, recreational sex.